DELL Partner Direct makes sense for resellers

By: Rene Sloos, VP Solutions, Bulletproof InfoTech

When someone asked me a year and a half ago if I would consider becoming a Dell reseller, my response was not very favorable. “Are they not cutting us out as the middleman?”. A year ago we went through a merger, and the other party was a loyal Dell Partner, while we were a loyal partner of another (two letter) company, whose name shall remain anonymous.

One of the decisions we had to make moving forward, was to decide who was going to be our leading vendor? We created a list of pro’s an con’s of each vendor, and hands down Dell came out as the clear winner! A year after our merger, my opinion about Dell has changed 180 degrees. They really want your business, they are genuinely interested to help your business succeed and they don’t seem to have traded price for quality. We consistently have had quality issues with the other brand, and really lost valuable business relationships because of it!

As an added bonus, as a reseller you can actually make a margin selling their systems. Bulletproof InfoTech is an IT service provider for the Red Deer and Calgary area in Alberta. Our clients are businesses in the Exploration and Production (E&P) Oil & Gas area, Accounting and bookkeeping firms and other small to medium sized businesses. Fixed fee IT support allows our clients to predict their expenditure on IT and Dell Partner Direct helps us to deliver quality systems and services to our clients.

Read more on Rene’s blog

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It is 2010, Accounting Practices are we paperless yet?

By: Rene Sloos, VP Solutions, Bulletproof InfoTech

It is amazing how many small professional services companies in Calgary and Red Deer are finally catching on to the “Paperless Office”. The irony is that since the invention of the term, “Paperless Office”, the paper industry has sold more paper then ever! Going paperless is not a technology it’s a mindset!

In 2009, we have had discussions with a number of professional services firms about the benefits of electronic client records. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of going paperless for an accounting practice.

What are the benefits of going paperless for an accounting or book keeping organization?

There are still companies who will collect all receipts, statements and invoices in a shoebox and once in a while “dump” the “administration” at their book keeping/accounting office. This means you need to have physical access to the information in the shoebox in order to maintain the books.

Read more on Rene’s blog

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Selecting a DELL Computer for your business

There are a number of options when it comes to computer systems to meet the daily needs of business across Calgary, Red Deer and all the other areas Bulletproof serves. There are a number of great solutions available that will meet many small business needs from leading IT providers and local computer system builders. During our travels and years of experience helping junior oil and gas firms, accounting companies and businesses just like yours with computer support services. We have found when you select a computer system from a name brand system builder such as DELL you end up making a wise business decision.

What is the right solution for business?
What options do you need?
Even more critical where can you turn for support 5 years down the road?

Computers from DELL Canada provides a complete offering including a scalable plus robust business computer solutions which meet the needs of innovative companies and small business throughout Alberta. More importantly, you have somewhere to turn in the years to come when a computer issues arises, and issues always come up when a replacement part is needed. DELL will be there to support you and this is why we have elected to partner with them as our main supplier of computer systems.

Here are the computer systems Bulletproof InfoTech recommends for your small business.

  1. DELL Vostro – The Vostro line of DELL computers are ideal for any emerging small business who has basic business computing requirements. DELL Vostro desktop computers are built to grow with your business and easily fits into your expanding IT needs over the course of your business maturity. We have found them to be extremely reliable and have the capability to run all your latest software applications such as Microsoft Windows 7, Office 2007 and many business applications. Learn more about the DELL Vostro line by clicking here.
  2. DELL Optiplex – The Optiplex line of DELL computers is the flagship business desktop computer system that Bulletproof recommends to our Oil and Gas companies, Accounting firms and all of our small business clients. The DELL Optiplex offers everything a business needs. If you are using Accumap, Microsoft Dynamics, Energy Navigator or CSExplorer the DELL Optiplex can meet and even exceed all your business computing needs. Learn more about the DELL Optiplex by clicking here.

No matter what product line who select the most important feature is post sales warranty. Many of the DELL computer systems support an industry leading five year product warranty. When you combine this impressive coverage for your business systems with quality information systems consulting from Bulletproof InfoTech your business has everything it needs to take care of your own business without the hassle and worry of business IT.

Contact Bulletproof today when you need help and support with your DELL business systems at 403.206.2233 and 403.340.1011.

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Merry Christmas from Bulletproof InfoTech

Happy Holidays from Bulletproof InfoTech

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your partners at Bulletproof! Thank you for allowing us to serve you in 2009 and best wishes for 2010.

Please note, our office hours during the holidays are as follows:

  • Thursday, December 24: 8am – 2pm
  • Friday, December 25: Closed
  • Monday, December 28: Closed
  • Friday, January 1: Closed

Of course, 24×7 on-call technical support will remain available as usual.

All the best to you and your family,

The Bulletproof Team

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Rene Sloos takes new leadership role with Microsoft

Microsoft plays an important role with Bulletproof’s overall core business of providing the best possible computer network and IT services to business in Alberta.  Microsoft is one of our largest strategic partnership relationship an now we get to play an increasingly active role in ensuring the needs of Calgary and Red Deer small business, junior oil and gas and accounting firms are looked after and now we have a voice on the worldwide stage with Microsoft.

Bulletproof was awarded Canada’s top honour with Microsoft in their Small Business category winning the IMPACT award for “Small Business Specialist of the Year” and earlier in 2009 we were recognized worldwide as the only North American Small Business partner to be named as a finalist with the “Worldwide Small Business Specialist of the Year”.

Now, our very own Vice President of Solutions, Rene Sloos has been named to the Worldwide Microsoft Small and Medium Business Infrastructure Partner Advisory Board for 2010.  This unique opportunity provides Bulletproof and our clients to have a voice within Microsoft’s Business and Marketing groups.  Our involvement will help influence their strategy to help our clients right here in Red Deer and Calgary plus all the small and mid-size business across the world.

Microsoft with Rene’s assistance will focus on Windows Server, System Centre and Microsoft ForeFront.  All of these tools and services are critical within the small business community.  Many of these Microsoft based services are used daily by many of our business clients.

Congratulations Rene on being selected for this position.

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