It is 2010, Legal Practices are we paperless yet?

By: Rene Sloos, VP Solutions, Bulletproof InfoTech

It is amazing how many small professional services companies in Calgary and Red Deer are finally catching on to the “Paperless Office”. The irony is that since the invention of the term, “Paperless Office”, the paper industry has sold more paper then ever! Going paperless is not a technology it’s a mindset!

In the last couple of months, we have had discussions with a number of professional services firms about the benefits of electronic client records. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of going paperless for a Legal Practice.

The Calgary Courthouse is finally starting to book trials in an electronic way. Think about it, how to align the calendars of judges, lawyers, accused, witnesses and so on is not a trivial task. In a recent visit to a local legal firm I was baffelled to learn that one of the partners did not have a computer in his room. I am not sure about you, but that is not the guy representing me! A legal firm can save a tremendous amount of money by giving the lawyers the ability to have electronic access to their client’s information while in the courtroom. In this scenario it is imperative that the information can be accessed in a safe and secure manner.

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