Why Go Bulletproof?

Bulletproof InfoTech works with Calgary and Red Deer businesses to provide a worry-free, hassle-free, stable networking environment that are fully guaranteed and provided at a monthly fixed cost to meet your budget.

We are a full service computer, network, information technology solutions organization for many small to midsize business (from 5 to 100 employees) throughout the Calgary and Red Deer regions. For over 20 years Bulletproof has provided effective solutions to that allow businesses to be more productive while reducing their overall IT costs.

Bulletproof provides quality IT services and solutions that are often found with larger organizations and provides this service at an affordable fixed monthly rate designed to meet your small business budget. Bulletproof helps small business through highly experienced and certified consultants and support professionals, the right tools to ensure that your network is monitored around the clock, issues are addressed in a timely manner and your business stays productive and servicing the needs of your clients.

Your business will see immediate benefits from Bulletproof’s single solution offering plus a one point of contact for all your technology, computer consulting, network services and IT management. You have a single relationship with one service provider and an affordable price.

How else can you business benefit:

* Around the clock monitoring
* Your IT systems get the care and attention automatically, no phone calls needed
* All year support, your Bulletproof team is available all year long, no vacations
* Save your benefits, we take care of that ourselves
* No need to purchase supplies for your own IT staff, we take care of this ourselves

Full service, around the clock, hassle-free, worry-free, fully managed and guaranteed computer repair, computer support, network service, IT management, IT consulting, computer consulting and sound technology business advice is just a click away. Solutions start as low as $22.00 per system per month.

Your team of 20 IT Professionals is standing by to serve you.

Bulletproof works around the clock for you, and all this for one fixed monthly flat rate!

One Response to “Why Go Bulletproof?”

  1. Cam Evenson says:

    I was wondering if you do any kind of support for say production companies, such as manufacturing. For example you have a company that makes widgets and they have staff building them or equipment running that builds components for them. In today’s market a company needs to automate portions of their production to be more competitive. This automation now can be networked much like your average business computer. By networking them or having shop terminals data can be gleaned from quotes and downloaded to production equipment. Much less human factor involvement.

    This kind of stuff and writing or distributing the software to do this I have done and actually have a history doing. So I was wondering what kind of call there is for something like this in the Calgary area, and if you might be doing it already?

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