DELL Partner Direct makes sense for resellers

By: Rene Sloos, VP Solutions, Bulletproof InfoTech

When someone asked me a year and a half ago if I would consider becoming a Dell reseller, my response was not very favorable. “Are they not cutting us out as the middleman?”. A year ago we went through a merger, and the other party was a loyal Dell Partner, while we were a loyal partner of another (two letter) company, whose name shall remain anonymous.

One of the decisions we had to make moving forward, was to decide who was going to be our leading vendor? We created a list of pro’s an con’s of each vendor, and hands down Dell came out as the clear winner! A year after our merger, my opinion about Dell has changed 180 degrees. They really want your business, they are genuinely interested to help your business succeed and they don’t seem to have traded price for quality. We consistently have had quality issues with the other brand, and really lost valuable business relationships because of it!

As an added bonus, as a reseller you can actually make a margin selling their systems. Bulletproof InfoTech is an IT service provider for the Red Deer and Calgary area in Alberta. Our clients are businesses in the Exploration and Production (E&P) Oil & Gas area, Accounting and bookkeeping firms and other small to medium sized businesses. Fixed fee IT support allows our clients to predict their expenditure on IT and Dell Partner Direct helps us to deliver quality systems and services to our clients.

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